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About Snowy

The visit to the animal shelter was so a friend could get a dog. Has that happened to anyone you know?!

The only white dog, she was just sitting there, quietly looking cute while all the big black dogs were barking and panting and clamoring for attention. My friend couldn't fathom owning a white dog and I needed a reason to take more walks, so it happened in May of 2003 that Snowy joined Martha Rose Construction. Her official position is that of garbage patrol on the job site.

We recycle 95% of our jobsite waste and that program requires us to keep food-soiled waste out of the dumpster. Construction workers are used to using whatever receptacle, or the ground, as their garbage can for lunch waste, so our effort has been ongoing to change these old habits. Enter Snowy. She hops out of my car and knows what to do. Within minutes, she is prancing around the job with a mocha cup in her mouth or an empty bag of Cheetos.

Now the perpetrator of the food garbage can be trained to take the garbage home with them for proper disposal, keeping our dumpster contents qualified to be recycled.

The only problem is that with Snowy´s success tracking down the food waste, she is working herself out of a position. Her pickings are definitely slimmer than when she first came to work for MRC.
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