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“Built Green” is a program that was implemented by the Master Builders Association to encourage builders to construct and renovate homes in a more environmentally compatible way. It is a holistic approach that covers design, site work, material choices, energy conservation and education of the workers and consumers.

Martha Rose Construction is a member of this program. Our goal is to provide homes that:

    • Protect the homeowner’s health
    • Provide high energy efficiency and comfort
    • Have less impact on the environment.

In our homes, you will find that decisions have been made to provide a healthier environment. We use natural building materials such as stone, wood, and wool fiber. All surfaces are low VOC, with no, or minimal, off-gassing. Cabinets, shelving, and insulation are all non-formaldehyde. We install high quality fans and windows. Our homes are constructed to prevent moisture problems.

Energy upgrades that we provide include increased insulation, high efficiency heating systems and appliances, and Energy Star windows, resulting in lower operating costs for the owner. A passive solar atrium is often part of the home. Water saving dual-flush toilets, Energy Star fluorescents and dimmable halogen lights are also used.

Many materials are grown and produced locally, such as kiln-dried pre-primed cedar siding and wood doors. Bamboo is a sustainable yield crop, and is used primarily for flooring.

Metal products such as siding and railings have been recycled from scrap and Richlite, a countertop material, is made from recycled paper. These and other finishes are chosen because they are durable. Other commercially rated products that we use include porcelain floor tiles, hardwood, wool carpet and heavy padding, brick, stone and concrete.

In addition to making sound environmental choices in choosing finishes, we also recycle at least 80% of the jobsite waste. We encourage the home buyer to do the same by creating a space in or near the kitchen for a recycling center.

To protect our Puget Sound, the way we landscape has changed. Manure compost and bone meal is worked into the soil for better plant health and water retention. Thickly mulched plants need little or no water once established. Turf is seldom used. The goal is to get closer to a forested condition with no water run-off.

Martha Rose Construction is committed to “Built Green” practices including methods not named here. We work with buyers who want custom “Built Green” homes.

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