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What Makes a High Performance Home?

A High-Performance Home is a "house built as a complete system". The components all work together to make the home more comfortable, healthy and less expensive to live in. Green Building, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability are the cornerstones of a High-Performance Home.
Measuring Home Performance with the E-Scale

At a glance, it is easy to see a home's projected energy performance as compared with known benchmarks. We want your energy consumption to be as low as possible.
Active Solar Systems

Wiring is installed to allow photovoltaic panels to be added at any time and plumbing to the roof makes thermal hot water a simple add-on. Our roofs are designed in a way to make active solar installations easy.
Low Impact Development

The goal of Low Impact Development is to mimic the natural forested condition and allow the vegetation and ground, to filter, absorb and purify all of the water that falls on the site. Every project is unique but has many available techniques for achieving this objective.
Passive Solar Design

A Passive Solar designed home is Insulated and sealed way beyond Code which causes the climate inside the home to stay cool in the summer and warmer in the winter with the addition of only a modest amount of heat.
Water Conservation

It is easy to use significantly less water because fixtures and appliances have been chosen for their performance as well as their reduced water consumption.
Edible Landscaping

Kitchen gardens are a practical option for the city dweller. Natural landscaping using organic methods and local plants is low maintenance and environmentally friendly.
Exterior Envelope

Wall assemblies utilize a thermal break of closed-cell sheet foam as well as other techniques to insure a complete air and weather barrier.
Windows and Doors

All exterior doors are insulated fiberglass with an R-value around 7.
US window manufacturers currently provide up to an R-8 weighted average for the windows. We decide on a project by project basis, which product will be used. Since 2009, we have used Serious Windows.
Advanced Framing

MRC is continually innovating and learning new methods for framing that increase energy efficiency and reduce waste.
Natural Materials Manufactured Locally

We like to use durable natural materials, sourced locally, to take advantage of the multiplier effect: improved local economy, reduced energy consumption, healthy living and durability.
High Efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilator

The key to an energy efficient healthy home is the quality of the heat recovery ventilation system. Our favorite is 92% efficient, runs 24/7 and maintains correct humidity levels in the home.

Keeping materials out of the landfills is a goal we accomplish in several ways. Utilizing salvaged wood gives our homes more character and a bit of history. Co-mingled debris that cannot be salvaged is recycled at a rate of 95% at United Recycling.
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