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Building the Greenest Homes for the Seattle Market

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

We all have our journeys of a thousand miles.  And we all have our first steps.  As you explore the MRC site, you'll find many steps here.  You'll see our past home-building projects.  You'll find our current projects.  You'll find resources that we use ourselves.  And you'll learn as we learn.  You'll share our discoveries, innovations and refinements as they happen as we build affordable, green homes.

You may have found your way here through a news article about Martha.  Or perhaps by the recommendation of a friend.  Or someone in the Green-building community.  Or perhaps by a search engine.  Regardless of how you came, it really only matters that you're here.  It's a first step.  And we're delighted you're taking it with us.

And should you end up living in one of our green-homes, all of this will resonate for you in an even more personal and useful way.  But even if, right now, you're not looking to buy a home, please know that this Martha Rose Construction site is for you.  Every day, we're all learning, and this site will hopefully reflect and expand on that growth.

Queen City Eco Village

Margret Henkels with her Fish Singer logo Matrix Arts, Santa Fe, NM

Queen City Poultry Ranch Historic Farm House Renovation

Evergreen Students at Fish Singer Place learning about L.I.D.

Rainier Vista Townhomes

City Farmers at Queen City Eco Villiage

Eva Rose Building

Lynda and Silas Resting and Chatting After a Ride

North Beach View Home

Rainier Vista Family, Amanda, Ian and baby, Colin

North Beach View Home Solar Array

Large cisterns are used on every site for rainwater harvesting

Ballard Townhomes

"Bear" created by Jason Brown, a local NW Native Artisan

Bitter Lake Townhomes

The pocket park draws neighbors together

Jackson Golf Course Home

Rescued Bricks become Patios & Walkways

Queen City Eco Village

Recycled and Local Goods Abound in this Kitchen

Energy Efficiency

City Garden: Local, Organic, Delicious

Active Solar Systems

This Shower is a Fit for Every Lifestyle

Water Conservation

Bicycling, Walking and Transiting - the Way we Like It

Organic Natural and Edible Landscaping

Blown-In-Batts - a Warm Quilt for the Home

Insulation and Weather Sealing

Heating and Ventilation

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