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Date: October, 2007
Source: Seattle Metropolitan

"The Green Rose of Seattle"
Just off upper Greenwood Avenue, on a former chicken farm that's now her latest housing miniproject, Martha Rose faces a moment of truth, in the form of a garden hose and a virgin driveway ...

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Date: March, 2007
Newspaper Source: The Enterprise, Shoreline


"Behind the Walls" Home Tour
It's a balancing act with higher costs associated with building green, but as more people get educated, the demand for Built Green homes will continue to increase. Martha Rose Construction holds educational tours of 3 recently built homes.
Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Newspaper Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Appeal of 'green' houses grows with financial incentives
For the first time in this state, individuals will be paid by their local utility to produce electricity, whether they do the job with miniwind generators, photovoltaic solar panels or gas-producing anaerobic digesters of garbage or manure. > full article
Date: September, 2006
Source:  "Lifestyle: Seattle"


Energy Efficient Homes
In today's era of skyrocketing utility costs, Americans are seeking ways to conserve energy and save on water usage while still living in comfort.  As modern composite building products have replaced old-fashioned wood and other inert ...

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Hardcover: Edens Lost & Found -
How Ordinary Citizens Are Restoring Our Great American Cities
Authors: Harry Wiland and Dale Bell; with Joseph D'Agnese


For Martha Rose, the philosophy of green building is the culmination of a lifetime of strong ideas about sustainable shelter. When she was only nineteen years old, Chicago-born Rose took a job as a carpenter on a construction site in the Washington, DC, area. “The work was hard,” she remembers, “but I liked it.”

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