Just Say Yes! to New Urbanism

by, Adrian Willanger Eco-Redux

A new segment of the home buying population has become increasingly frustrated with maintaining an older home. They are looking to re-establish themselves in a new home within an amenity rich urban neighborhood. They want to be close to libraries, markets, churches, parks and to be free from week-end home repair projects.  

Developers and builders are starting to see this trend happening throughout the country, causing many to re-think their approach to building.  One developer-builder, Martha Rose, has figured it out. It’s critical “that I build something that fits into the neighborhood” mentions Rose when asked about her infill strategies.

Her latest infilldevelopment, Fish Singer Place, is a perfect example of adding value to the community by building less.  These smaller homes that are environmentally friendly blend into the existing neighborhood. The new “lifestyle house” is a product that is targeted to a specific group of buyers looking for a well designed home in a walkable neighborhood.

Rose states “it’s a nice trade-off – building in an established neighborhood which has built in amenities while adding environmentally friendly new homes.”