Rain Water Harvesting for the Garden

440 gallon capacity for rain water collection

We just finished installing twin cisterns for a client in Edmonds. She purchased (2) 220 gallon polyethylene tanks and pre-painted them. We joined them together with 2″ ABS pipe, installed a calming device, an overflow and a spigot. The overflow is piped into a rain garden that she had constructed. The entire assembly is raised off the ground using 6×6 pressure treated timbers. This makes it easy to attach the garden hose.

This site marks our 10th home where we have installed rain water catchment. Homeowners can shave up to 25% off of their consumption of potable water, by using this water for all irrigation needs.

There are other advantages to harvesting rain water. Because the tanks are rated for drinking water, they double as an emergency water supply. On some sites, rain water collection becomes an integral part of Low Impact Development strategies.